Sri Anand Vinayak
SAVCL signs up a long term MOU with an Indonesian Company for the import of high quality low ash Coal.
Currently in the finalization stage for acquiring mining rights of some rich coal properties at South Kalimantan Island and Sumatra Island of Indonesia.
We own more than 100 commercial vehicles for the purpose of coal mining.
Total coal handled by us was 2 million tonnes in the year 2006-07, 5 million tonnes in 2007-08 and 7 million tonnes in 2008-09.
Total coal storage capacity of our company is 1 million tonnes.
Our major coal dumps are located at Dankuni, Sealdah, Mangoli, Chandrapur and Jogighopha.
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Domestic Coal
Coal Trading is our oldest and core business area. We have a sound track record of more than 25 years in this business.
Domestic Coal

Coal from Coal India Limited and its subsidiary companies

With the introduction of “e-auction” we are procuring quality coal in bulk quantities from Coal India Limited and its subsidiary companies. Our vast knowledge and experience to predict the market dynamics and trends for ‘Purchasing The Right Quality at The Right Time from The Right Source at the most Competitive Rates’ has made us a Nationwide Coal Company. We are facilitating regular supplies to some of the mega core sector clients like APGENCO, IFFCO, CCI etc, from various mine heads of Coal India Limited to their sites and handling all their matters related to CIL, Railways, Financing, Quality Control, Quantity Control, etc.

Meghalaya Coal

We are also a big buyer of freely traded coal of Meghalaya at Jogighopha in Assam. Coal from this region is considered to be very good quality because of its low ash content, high calorific value and excellent caking properties. The coal is mainly of sub-bituminous type and can be used in varied industries including power, fertiliser, cement, textile, paper, rubber, brick burning and pottery industries.

Loading and Transportation

Coal loading and transportation is a key activity of the company. The handling activity starts right from the collieries and is transported to the railway siding either directly or via a coal handling plant or coal washery. We also provide coal handling services to consumers who are located far from the coal mines.

Generally coal rakes from UKRA-IV, PAW –II, KDH, RCM, DAKRA, LOCM. BOCM, KANIKA, MAJRI etc. are readily available with us in pipeline and we divert consignments to the consumer’s destination based upon their requirements. Coal sourced through road sale delivery orders from Ranigunj field, Mugma field, Talcher field, IB Valley, Ramgarh area, Karanpura area, Bisrampur, Chirimiri, Baikunthpur, Ballarpur, Wani, Wani (North ) etc. are kept in large quantities at our Coal Dumps and also at mines for direct dispatch by road to open markets like Katni, Chandaushi (Banaras) and our consumers from time to time.

Further coal transported from Nangal to Jogighopha and ‘Grade B’, Brown and other varieties of coal from Beltala is matched to the exact specification of the consumers and thereafter coal is transported by rail, road and water as per their need and demand. We also provide facilities for joint sampling and inspection of quality of coal dispatch at loading points for consumers


Our ready stocks of coal in transit along with stockpiles at our strategically located coal dumps keeps us ahead of competition and makes the delivery of coal easy and faster to the various industries.

Quality Control

It is our policy and practice to timely supply coal of right quality in right quantity and of right size to our clients.